What do you think, Miss Undercover?

So this is it – the first official interview on my blog! My interview partner is a friend I met in New York about 3 years ago. We both worked as Au Pairs in the city and got to know each other through another friend, I think. Well anyway, we always had good talks and got along very well. Then life happened and we both had to move back to Germany to figure out our next steps. After months of not being in touch we found out that we are actually living in the same city! Well, somehow we seemed to be unable to arrange a little reunion so it took forever until we finally met again. This was about a month ago. Around the same time when I decided to create this blog and do interviews I would share. So we went out for dinner and I took the chance to ask her if she would like to be my first interview partner. Luckily, she seemed pretty excited about it and said yes! I asked her because she seemed to be a perfect interview candidate, based on the things she talks about and her friendly, open and curious character. So now let´s see what she had to say!

Who: Miss Undercover
Age: 22
From: Düsseldorf, Germany

What are you studying?
I am studying Clothing and Textile Management.

What are you planning on doing after your are done with your studies?
I am planning a lot. Basically building my own company for sustainable fashion one day. I want to make people more aware of what they wear. I don´t want them to think „I´ll just buy it, I don´t care where it is coming from and who made it.“. I´m absolutely no fan of fast fashion.
I definitely want to try many different things before that though, for example working in a showroom, purchase, maybe even something completely different. I´m very open-minded.

What is one of your biggest goals?
To make people think and act more sustainable.

What do you like most about yourself?
– That I am calm and don´t get upset easily.
– I accept people for who they are.
– I am a good listener.

How would you define the word „Beauty“?
Oh, I have to think about that. It´s hard to define. This is a really good question and I have discussed it many times before. I don´t think the word „beauty“ can be defined by everyone in the same way and that is the interesting point about it. To me, beauty is more a feeling. I feel that all my friends are beautiful because their characters make them so beautiful.

Who or what inspires you?
The fashion designer Vivianne Westwood inspires me, but it´s more her personality and her character. I am also inspired by Antoni Gaudi and his architecture and by Candelan Novembre for her style.

Who is your favorite Designer?
Hmm, Haider Ackermann.
And Yves Saint Laurent.

What do you believe in (God, fate, positive thinking,…)?
I believe in the Law of attraction.

What do you expect/want from life?
Staying healthy and to get old. Also, I hope life will come up with lots of challenges that help me grow.

What has been your greatest success for you personally?
Spending time abroad at a young age. In my opinion it is good for young people to be away from home for a while. I thought I couldn’t do that for such a long time and that you have to be super good at something to be able to actually do it. I think you can do anything if you believe in yourself. The hard thing about it is to really believe it – but I believe if you do, it will work.

If you could give me a piece of advice, what would it be?
Most importantly: Always be yourself.
I think you’re on a good track with what you’re doing: talking to the people and don’t photograph your daily morning breakfast too much like every second blogger.

What is your motto?
I don´t think I really have a defined motto but if I did, it would definitely include the idea of the law of attraction.

What´s your lucky number?
It´s 4 in my head, but I don´t really know. 🙂

Miss Undercover

2 thoughts on “What do you think, Miss Undercover?”

  1. i absolutey Love your idea of asking people about theire lives, plans and resons why they do what they do.

    People do not need to be famous people or well known to have a Voice.

    • Thank you, Martina 🙂
      Well said, I totally agree! We should learn from those people we chose to be our inspiration, not (only) the ones who are shown to us in magazines and movie screens.
      Take care 🙂


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