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Hey World!

How are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend! As promised, today I´m sharing another interview with you. This time I interviewed one of my girls aka friends from work. She is a very sweet and mature young lady with a big heart and a great mind. The more I got to know her, the more I realized how much her thinking resembles mine. I`ve known her for about a little less than a year now and I am glad we met. I was surprised that a girl her age thinks about life in the way she does. I like that she is such a happy, strong and kind person and she always brings positivity and laughter with her.

Have a look at the answers she gave me to some deep questions. Note: This interview was very spontaneous and she really thought about each question I asked her and was very open and honest about her thoughts.

Who:   Io
Age:    18
From:  Mönchengladbach

What kind of job would you like to do in the future and why?
I would like to do something creative as it offers you many options and possibilities. But I don´t want to commit myself to a certain job yet because I don´t want to get disappointed in case it doesn´t work out.

What are – in your opinion – people´s most important character traits?
– Humor
– Empathy
– Trust
– To have things in common, to be on the same page with someone

What does friendship mean to you?
Friendship is like a second family. To me it means that you can rely on each other.

What is your biggest dream?
A cliché beach house! I want the house to be in an English-speaking country – where it´s warm and where you can go swimming in the sea, so it won´t be Holland.. I would love to help design the house.
And a pony.. no, not a pony. That´s too much work!

Do you think your dream will come true?
With a strong will and a lot of effort – yes!

Who or what inspires you?
Outstanding and interesting life stories of other people. And people in general. I think it is impressive what they are capable of creating, no matter if it´s great architecture or a beautiful piece of art. Also, people who work hard to achieve their goals and build up the life they want to live.

In which way do you like to be creative?
Umm, that is a good question. I need to actually so something, I lose my thoughts when I keep just thinking. Just write down or sketch what´s on your mind. Don´t just dream about something, do it! For me, being creative means to put a plan into action.

What makes you happy?
My boyfriend. I am the happiest when he is happy, too. He feels like home to me. Of course, my siblings and friends make my happy as well. And ordinary things like the sun, the sea … and pizza!

Who is your idol?
I never really thought about that. My friend Loana (18) is my little idol, I think. She achieves so much! She has so many talents: singing, painting, she´s good at languages – no matter what she does, it turns out well. She always has big plans and she is not only talking about it but actually takes action! She doesn´t say things like “I would love to do … .”, she does it. I respect her for that. And if you respect someone … umm, well you know! Then I guess she´s my idol.

What´s on your to-do list for the future?
First, I want to finish school, study and get a good job. But I of course want to travel the world, I don´t know which exact places I want to visit. I think it is important to not only pay attention to the nice and pretty things in life. You should also meet people who are not as fortunate and see how they live, it is important to experience that as well and you should help them in some way.
Other than that, I want my mum to be happy and I want my sister to achieve everything that she wants. My brother does that anyway.
And I want to have some time to myself. Time without a clear goal, time to just drift away.

What do you expect from life or wish for?
I know that things are not always fair, but I want them to be balanced.
To achieve anything you really want.
To appreciate the things you have.
Experiences are essential for life. They don´t always have to be good experiences but: “If you fall off a horse, you have to get back up!” (German saying)

If you could give me a piece of advice, what would it be?
You also have to care about yourself sometimes. If somebody wants to drag you into a certain direction or wants you to do something you don´t want, don´t let them as long as you have a choice.
Always listen to your heart and your gut. And when it says “Give me pizza!” – then give it pizza!

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