What do you think, Güliz & Marco? (2/2)

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This is part 2 of our great interview! I’m happy to share it with you 🙂 In case you missed the first part, you can find it here: What do you think, Güliz & Marco? (1/2) ! Enjoy!

How do you feel about living in Germany? Do you miss your home country? Is there a place in the world you want to move to one day?

G: I really feel good at the moment in Germany, to be honest. Well, I don’t feel homesick or something. But sometimes, of course, I miss my country, like places and the people I know and I love and my friends and family. Of course I miss them but not like „Oh, I miss my country and I want to go back.“. It’s not like that. Because I love Germany and I love being abroad. I guess my mindset is suitable for living abroad right now because I lived in Istanbul before and Istanbul is like one of the most international cities and I didn’t feel good there so I assume I’m okay here or in Europe, like northern Europe. Like Holland or Germany or even Scandinavia could be my place to live. If I had to live somewhere, I would live in northern Europe right now, I guess. Because it’s so matching with my mindset and me as a person because I want to live in a peaceful place with nature and not so crowded places and organized cities. I would love to live in those kind of cities. Because I don’t like rush and I don’t like chaos that much, it makes me feel really stressed sometimes. I mean, some people like that, like my friends for example, they’re like „Oh, I really want this because it makes me motivated.“ Sometimes people can feel like this but it really doesn’t motivate me because I feel stressed and down and kind of „smashed“ in this crowd. So Düsseldorf in Germany, because Germany to be honest is Düsseldorf for me right now because I didn’t live in any other cities, so Düsseldorf is good. Right now, it’s good. And it can be good for a couple of years more or maybe more because considering we’re trying to settle here it’s good and it’s close to the Netherlands, which is really good for me because I LOVE the Netherlands, no matter what city, I love Dutch cities and Dutch people also. And German people, too! I tried not to have any prejudices before I came to Germany, and I’m really happy with that because in Turkey, sometimes people have prejudices, like saying „Ah, German people are not so cheerful and they can be so prejudiced and don’t like foreigners that much. But the things is it’s actually not true, I mean not only in Düsseldorf but also the other places we went to until now in Germany, I saw cheerful people and they are helpful and kind and I had no problem, no fight or no discussion with anybody until now. So I’m happy I didn’t have these biases. That’s why it’s good, I like my life here. And you know what? I’m learning German! And I am motivated.. Well in 5 years.. (Let’s not forget about Güliz’ favorite German sentence: „Das war toll!“. She and Marco did a trip to Italy recently and they brought back some Italian cookies I really like and also gave me a little card saying „Du bist toll!“ – so fitting!)

M: What about me? I love Düsseldorf. I love Düsseldorf because it’s a big city and international and very young and at the same time it’s very big but then there’s „little“ things in our neighborhood for example where you can find kids who are selling small Playmobil on the street and you can give them 90 cents and make them happy. When I came home and found this situation, I was happy. It felt like I’m in a small village, not in a big city like Düsseldorf. So ya, I like it very much and I guess it’s very good for everything and it’s easy to live here. Transportation is good, architecture is good, every week you can find something to do, like festivals, museums, Yeah, it’s social. restaurants, cafés and pubs are always open. And what was it? If I miss my home country? Well, I miss my family, I miss my friends, but if I’m talking about the country, before I was coming here, I was in a situation where I needed to breathe some new air. For now, I’m not missing my country that much and here, as I said life is very quiet and good and the quality is very good, so for now, no. And is there a place in the world you would want to move to one day? Well, I think this kind of thing is until one point at least, until we will have four kids *laughing* but before that I believe that it can happen because of a job or some other Choices also ya, situations. And in the last few years I’ve been curious about the north of Europe and actually Düsseldorf and Germany. Well, one of my dreams when I was a kid was Brazil Yeah, mine too, but now I doubt it. and it still is, but we’ll see.

Looking back a couple of years, did you reach most of the goals you set for yourself?

G: Yeah. I guess I did. Until now, yeah I’m happy, and I want to travel now and wave surf.

M: A couple of years? I guess so. It was long but yes, in terms of my previous job, I had a big experience there and it was good. And in terms of being with Güliz, because it started three years ago, and this was something very big between us and we reached it actually. Yayy! So yes, now I’m thinking to this one because it’s the biggest one. Sometimes we even thought it’s impossible. Yeah. Sometimes it’s like.. You know what? It’s actually also something for one of your first questions, I guess like what you believe in, right? If you believe in something it happens. I’m always saying this but if we wouldn’t believe in this it would’ve not worked because it was so hard, like a distance relationship. And actually, if I would not believe in chemistry it would have not happened. Yeah, I think the same. Because I was feeling, well, sometimes I was like „Woah, this is impossible..“ BUT there is this chemistry, so.. It was saving us somehow. Yeah.

What motivates you?

M: Well, many things. If I were alone here, the motivation would be to stay here to build something new for myself in a new country. What motivates me to learn German, for example? Because when I’m out, I want to communicate with people. It’s the first thing to do to build a strong relationship and trust people and make people trust you. I want to communicate and I want to do it in a good way. And the happiness of other people motivates me a lot. Before I said that if I do something that makes people happy, I’m happy. So to be happy it means I have to be motivated, so if I know that other people can be happy, then I’m motivated.

G: Loving someone. The first one could be loving someone, I guess. In this case Marco, Marco motivates me a lot in this life right now. Like for everything, whatever it is. For work, also for personal relationships with friends and my family, everything. Because this is kind of like the core of my life right now. And I’m really happy that it motivates me, actually, because otherwise I couldn’t just take it on like this. Secondly, success. Success motivates me. Of course I’m not like „I have to be a CEO“ or something at work or whatever. But actually when I do something good for example, it doesn’t matter if I’m flattered by someone or not. But I am motivated myself because I feel like „Yes! I did it!“. It’s really good and I have the good results, so it motivates me. Not only at work. Also my happiness, you know. It just makes you kind of happy at the same time so this is some kind of motivation, I believe. Umm, yes, and some simple stuff. For example, when I see a kid and he smiles, or she smiles at me in the stroller, it can also motivate me to do something. To have kids! *everybody laughing* Hey yes! Let’s just have a kid! *laughing* Ya, I like kids. So yeah, some small things. But love and success I guess would be the most important ones. 

What is your message to the world?

G: Mhh. There’s global warming! Please be careful! PEACE! SAVE ELEPHANTS AND PANDAS!! No,no, I’m kidding..

M: Umm. I would say “Stop being so stupid and individualists.”. Ya, just stop being individualists because it will not work. You mean that everybody just wants to be their own whatever? Yeah. They don’t care about others.. They don’t care about others. I mean, I don’t want to generalize but I see people like this and lots of bad stuff that is happening right now, I think is because of people who are being very individualistic and they don’t accept others to be different than themselves.

G: Ya. I would say the same, to be honest. Don’t be cruel and be open to differences. Different nationalities, different thoughts, different opinions, everything. To be open. Ya. The thing is, when somebody says “That guy or that woman is different because of this and because of that.” I’m always saying, “Know that he or she might think you’re different!” Yeah, it’s the perspective. Just don’t think about yourself only.

Now I have a good one, it’s like my favorite question. How would you define the word „Beauty“?

G: Hmm. I guess it’s a compilation of all we said until now. Mhm. About messages, and what we believe in and motivation and people and inspiration, everything.  

M: Beauty.. Beauty for me is something that makes you feel.. *pause*.. that makes you feel alive. Ha! I swear I thought „He’s gonna say alive..“, I knew it! That was weird. Yeah, it makes you feel alive. Also here, I think about food. Food that I really like. And in that moment it’s taking a picture there is a picture in my mind that I will remember forever probably, but in that moment, I can feel it inside. I don’t know, when I see Güliz sometimes, I.. It’s like.. for example when I told you (talking to Güliz) „You look beautiful“ this morning, in that moment it’s beauty and not only something I see, and it makes me feel happy. Or like a good evening with friends. This or everything that is happening right now is beauty. Because I feel like I’m doing something and I feel alive. That was a good answer. Sometimes it’s just funny, like you think it’s scary to believe that there is something you cannot touch, you can’t see it. There’s something that’s still there and you cannot even say what it is, but it’s there. Yes, it’s there. Like the chemistry thing. You can call it chemistry but to actually explain the feeling, like the thing that’s going on, how do you explain this, right? Yeah. Yeah, it’s some kind of energy or vibe. I always feel that. And sometimes for example you can feel what the other people are feeling, you know? You for example call your friend and they are saying „Ah, I was just thinking of you!“. Or your mother let’s say, you can just feel it although you’re really distant from each other right now. It happens, there is something, but it’s really hard to explain. True.. So, last one! Oh, already?? *laughing* It was good, right?

If you could give me a piece of advice, what would it be?

G: Advice. To you? Mhm. Like personally you? Yeah. Something you would want to tell me or give me along the way. Something you found for yourself to be true or that you want to tell me. Keep being what you are. Because it’s so beautiful. Yeah, it’s kind and it’s beautiful.. and sincere. Mhm. I can’t think of anything else because yeah, this it what I think. *smiling*

M: Well, I don’t know. I mean we met like not very long ago but to me it’s also keep doing something and just keep smiling like you smile. Because for example this is something into beauty. Yeah. For me, umm, we met maybe like 10 times in total but whenever I see Güliz talking about you, I feel this. I understand what she is saying about you. Because I transmit somehow the vibes between us like while telling. Yeah. Probably I believe also in this by the way. Even though the person is not there and you are talking about him or her, I mean, you actually transmit your feelings about the person. Yeah, and probably I know you more because of Güliz’ thoughts than of what we shared but yes, keep smiling like this Will do! because this is something I remember from the first time we met for example. Yeah? Yes, I remember.. I took like a picture like I told you before and whenever we’re talking about Caroline or I’m thinking of this picture. You are so cute! Thank you. *laughing* Yeah, and keep being very kind with people like I guess you are with everyone because you cannot be different than this. No. Yeah, so keep doing this. And then after two three four years I will tell you something else. *laughing* Like what? I’m not sure. But you’ll learn, you learn more things. True, every day. Hopefully. Probably I will say „Okay, keep doing this.“ again. Just do it! In 20 years, Just do it, Caroline! Yeah, and when we’re old: „Just do it!“ (without teeth) With the stick! *laughing* Well, this is a good thing because it means we will be together like for many years! Yeah! Hopefully! I will come visit you in Sweden or Scandinavia! Haha, we’ll see! I can just picture us in this situation. Yeah, that’s funny! Well, thank you guys. That’s actually it! Thank you! Thank you! It was good actually! Yeah, it was good. We talked about like things in general, it was really good. This is something good and it’s been a long time that somebody asked me many questions about myself. Yeah. It made us think, you know? It’s something different to express things in a sentence.


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I hope you enjoyed reading the interview. We at least had a lot of fun, a good talk and a very nice evening.
Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon! 🙂

Love, Caro

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