What do you think, Güliz & Marco? (1/2)

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The time has come (finally!) – as promised, here is the new interview! This time I interviewed a couple, my friends Güliz and Marco. Those two have been together for over three years now and are one of the sweetest couples I know! I am not exaggerating when saying they seem perfect for each other. As I told you in an earlier post (read here), I met Güliz at work and we’ve been friends for a while now. Of course, I also met Marco along the way and he is just as nice and friendly as she is. Two people, two big hearts. So let´s see what those two minds had to say…

(Please note: colors indicate who´s speaking 😉 )

Age:        28
From:     Istanbul, Turkey

Who:      Marco
Age:        29
From:     Biella, Italy

Who or what inspires you? Why?

G: What inspires me? Art, architecture, like fables or children’s books and music. Because it makes me feel like I can also create something out of all these things.

M: I would say my two brothers. Why? Well, because they were always kind of my superheroes let’s say. We all have a two year difference, I had always been the youngest one, so I always saw them as superheroes. And cities inspire me, for sure. I guess every single city carries the soul of its citizens, it makes me curious about people. And food. Oh, and food? And food, because every time I’m eating something and tasting something I feel it with all my body. So you just want to dive in food! Ya, if it’s good food! It’s not only for survival, but also for the soul.

What is your biggest dream? Do you think it will come true?

M: Poah, nice question.. Hmm. My biggest dream… Well, is to… Well, I know mine.. Okay, so would you like to start?

G: I wanna travel, like all around the world, to be honest. I mean, before it’s too late. *laughing* I just want to travel and see different cultures, as many as possible, and different places, different cities, food and everything. And taking pictures. Because it inspires me and it’s connected now with the first answer. But it’s yours, too..? (to Marco)

M: Yes. Actually, I was thinking to say something about traveling but I didn’t want to say „I want to travel all around the world.“ because I know that probably.. It’s possible! Yeah, it’s possible, but I want to do it with the people I love and if I will have kids I want them to be curious and also want to have the possibility to travel. So yeah, it’s about traveling, I guess. That’s good.. Considering that we are a couple.

And, relating to that, do you think it will come true?

G+M: Why not? I mean, I guess yes. Yeah, I guess. We are a couple and have the motivation and the energy to do it. Yeah, I think the same. I mean, when you believe in something, I guess it becomes true anyway. Because this is what happened in all my life until now. If I believe in something, it happens. Somehow, it happens. In the end it’s good, I was maybe lucky. But I wanted to go abroad for my masters – and I did it for Holland, like I went there for three years and did my masters. And I met many amazing people there and I have friends still and I am really happy about that, for example. And I wanted to work abroad and I did it, I’m now in Germany. And I wanted to live with Marco and now.. I mean, in time, if you wait for it, it becomes true. The dreams become true, I guess. So I’m hoping that the traveling would work out the same. Yeah, and if it’s not like all around the world as I want.. I mean, as much as possible! ..something will happen anyway, so yeah.

What do you believe in? In God/fate/intuition/etc.? What does this belief mean to you?

G: What does belief itself mean to us? Yes, like what do you believe in and what does it mean to you that you believe in that? Well, to want it, at first. Because you should have a desire to believe in something apparently. And if you believe in something, it means that you ultimately look for something to become true, as I said. I guess believing is some kind of motivation for me. Because when I believe in something, I’m thinking like: „Okay, I’ll get there!“ You know? So it means motivation.

M: Hmm, what I believe.. I believe in people in general. A lot. That’s true. So this makes me talk to people a lot and I’m inspired by them. But this is something that happens like in real life. If I had to say something else, I don’t know. Actually, I don’t believe in something that I cannot touch or see. But I believe in.. this is something crazy. Like chemistry between people? Like vibes, and the universe maybe. I mean it’s also something you can’t touch and you can’t see it, but you can feel it. Ya. You can feel it, ya, at least you can feel it. Well, yes, this is a little bit like the opposite. But I believe in chemistry, for sure, between people. Because otherwise I wouldn’t be with Güliz probably. And also I probably wouldn’t have working relationships and friendships. And that’s also why I believe in people. Because I trust people a lot and I always try to trust people even if I don’t know them very well. Because I can probably learn something anyways.

What makes you happy? What do you think is the key to happiness in life?

M: My nephews! They make me happy, a lot. Umm… If I do something that makes other people happy, I’m happy. Or if I see happy people around me I feel automatically happy. And Güliz makes me happy. Everyday. And the key to happiness… key to happiness… This is something I, I mean for myself, learned in those last ten years probably, or eight years, the key for me is to take all the small results you that you can have as a big thing. So even if you think that, meaning everything – in the job, at work, in a relationship or sports or cooking something, umm, even if you think that you did like così così, it’s something big actually. I learned this when I was working with a disabled student, he was in a wheelchair and he was 13 years old but had the mindset of a one-year-old. I worked with him like for two years and the only result after those two years was that he was choosing what to eat for breakfast with the help of three small pictures. But he couldn’t do anything else. He was not talking, just screaming. But after two years, he was doing it and this was something, I don’t know, like I was climbing the Everest or „I did it!“. And after that, it changed, everything changed for me. I mean, at work at least and also my personal things. Everything, like small small results are actually big. So it makes you happy. For sure. So, pay attention to the little things and realize they’re actually not so small. Not so small because in that moment it was probably the biggest thing you could do or obtain. And you should be happy because of that.

G: True, I guess the same goes for me regarding making people happy. Because making people happy, makes you happy. Giving presents, for example, or making surprises or, you know. I also like them, personally, but I also like making them because I’m really excited while, for example, preparing something for a friend or my beloved ones, you know. I feel happy, I feel the excitement inside me. So it makes me happy. That would be the one thing. Being healthy makes me happy. I should be healthy to be happy, I guess. Other than that, some small details, because actually I’m a person who can be happy out of small things. It doesn’t matter, like small talks, consideration. For example, if I see that a friend or Marco or my parents thought of something that I didn’t expect, or even if I expect it, they thought of something that makes me happy, you know. I’m really like „Oh my god!“, yeah, that’s really cool because I feel attached. I feel also emotional at the same time, but in a good way. So it makes me happy. Umm, what else? Well, I don’t want to be so materialistic but shoes make me happy *laughing* Yeah, there is no space for my shoes in the closet. Yeah, new shoes make me happy. This is of course not on top of the list and it’s not the key to happiness  but I’m honest. Yeah, that’s it. Making people happy could be the key because I believe that if you do this, then you’ll also get something.


What is something you’ve been putting off for a while although you know you will end up doing it anyway? Like one day you’ll do it, you’ve just been like „Nah, I’ll do it whenever, but not now.” Something you really want or a major thing you’ve been thinking about for a while but you’ve just not done it yet.

G: I guess there are many things like that. I always wanted to learn surfing, like wave surf. I couldn’t do that until now. I was planning to do that last summer, no I guess the summer before, when I was in Turkey before I came to Germany, but I don’t know. I really want to do it, in the end I want to learn this, I wanna have some courses. But I don’t know, I´m in Germany so I guess it’s impossible right now. But maybe later because why not. This is something I would really like to learn. And I always postponed, so..

M: To learn German. Good! I will do it but But you’re not postponing it, actually! No, but it’s something that I wish to do right now or maybe have done before. But I will get there. Okay, so let me ask you, because with surfing it’s a little difficult, can and do you want to promise me now you will start this project within this next week? But I know you do. Yes, sure. Just because I’m in Germany I cannot promise right now but maybe I just move to Australia. One day! Well, I won’t learn how to speak German in Australia, cause it does’t make any sense. And in that time I will know German very well and I will stay here. *laughing*

What is your approach to make the world a better place?

G: I guess Marco can answer it really well.

M: Well, because I trust people, I wish they also trust me and whenever I can I try to help people. I’m always like somebody can be in a worse situation than me. So first I’m not complaining about myself, and what I have and this is just something for being aware of what you have. And every time I can, if its for work or because I see something wrong, I try to help people. So helping people and not complaining about your situation. I’m not saying „Oh the kids are dying because they don’t have food so I have to eat.“, it’s not this but problems are different anyway, I can be rich and have problems. But anyways, even if I’m not eating everything it’s not that those kids will have food tomorrow so I try to behave, like every day, in a good way with people. I think that this can make a difference if everybody would think a bit more about others that about themselves. Even in this moment, for example in this period of time, these years, there is a big crisis and everything, like also economical crisis, and people are very angry with other people. They actually shouldn’t be angry with like the neighbors, probably they should be angry with themselves or whatever. Who was saying this? Hmm. I forgot it, but somebody very famous, but “The crisis is the best time to create something new.” and I believe in this. And it was Einstein by the way. Ya, I guess my approach is to be helpful and not angry with people just because I missed something or I need something because the reason is not the other people.

G: I can be angry. I mean, normally you are. *laughing* But the thing is I’m getting there, in terms of empathy. I also agree with Marco regarding empathy and not overthinking that much about the relationships that we have in our daily live or more serious ones or less serious ones, it doesn’t matter. But empathy can save the world. Other than that I’m getting there, this could be something that I could do at least, in regards to making the world a better place. But other than that, I try to be friendly, we try to be like that, to save the world a bit more. This is what I can do at least as a person, a human being. –Pause– I try not to kill animals. Also flies. You just run when you see something! I’m glad you’re such nice people because that’s why I’m sitting here. I’m trying. Yes, we try. It’s easy. You don’t have to spend money to be nice. It’s free.

I hope I didn’t promise too much beforehand but I really enjoyed the conversation we had that evening. It was very honest and interesting. What do you think? Let me (or us) know how you feel about their answers and maybe even what you think about those questions yourself!

There will be a part (2/2) – and it will be just as good as this first part. So come back for more soon and until then: Keep dreaming and believing!


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