Try something new!

Hey World!

It is time for something new, don´t you think? No, not necessarily for new shoes ;P More like a new hobby, rearranging your furniture, trying out a new café instead of always going to the same one, taking another way to get to work or simply trying new food. Mix it up a little bit!
I told myself I would learn how to play the guitar before I finish my bachelor, and so far two years have passed. I still can´t play.. not yet! I am lucky that my dad does though and that he got so excited about the idea that I want to learn it as well that he got me my very own guitar. WOHOOO! So this is my new mission now. I hope it won´t take forever until I can play my first song! Haha. Two more years left to turn my plan into reality. Let´s see how it goes!
What do you want to try out? Let me know!


PS: Little note. Failing while trying something new is allowed! As long as you keep trying and don´t give up.



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