No Guts, No Glory!

I am scared to leave home.
I am afraid of heights.
I am scared people won´t like me.


I want to travel the world, explore other countries and learn about different cultures!
I want to go sky diving to feel the adrenalin, to feel free, to feel alive!
I want to be out there, share my talent with the world and just be proud to be me!

Your choice. But you know what? Don’t be scared. Just go for it. Go for crazy. Go for spontaneous. Go for exciting. Life really is too short to wait for the perfect moment. Who knows if the perfect moment you imagine even exists? Just live. Live and be alive. I haven´t written any posts in months and I kind of feel bad about it. But I know I needed that time for things in the offline world. I thought a lot about what my first post after all this time should be about, and I put writing a post off because I wasn’t sure. But about 5 minutes ago, I decided it´s time. People who have read my blog before know what my texts are about and I hope new readers will keep following so they will find out, too. There is a lot to come, a couple of very interesting interviews and I am really excited to share them with you.

Anyway, let´s not make this too long. I just wanted you to know that I´m back on it.
I would love to hear about something that you have been putting off for a while? Write me an email, leave a comment below or let me know via Instagram –  I am looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Much love,


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  1. Hey Caroline, my name is Abby and I just found your blog on Henrick @positivity blog post, I am into travel, Fashion, inspiration and Health, I would love to receive more more blog post from you.


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