Let it go!

Hello World!

I am so happy the blog launch officially happened and hope you like Thing About Life so far!
Today I would like to talk to you about letting go. Not neccessarily letting go of people but also thoughts, things and habits. Do you know that feeling where you do or see a certain thing and it just annoys you so much? EVERY single time. Let´s say you´re following somebody on Facebook, and their posts have been annoying you for a while, and you go online and see their profile picture. What do you think? “Oh, no, please… Let´s see what he/she has to say this time…”. You KNOW you will be annoyed but your curiosity makes you read the post anyway. And then, what happens? Guess what! You are annoyed. Maybe even more annoyed because  you did it again – you did not resist to read that comment. You know what I found to be the best solution? Hit “Unfollow”. This should solve the problem. Yes, I know – no more stalking, no more gossiping about these posts. But hey, you don´t need that. If something keeps making you feel bad, try to let it go! A Facebook “friendship” is maybe the easier version of letting somebody go. I know people I used to get along with really well, we used to hang out all the time and shared great moments together. And then it happens: Life. People change, people move some place far away, people grow, people evolve into differently thinking individuals. Sometimes this makes you strangers, more or less. You might not realize it for a while, you recognize hints and feelings of doubt, but you push them away. Because you´re friends. You always have been. But be honest with yourself. Is the purpose of a friendship to be friends just because you always have been? No. It should be feeling comfortable being around this other person, to still share special moments. And most importantly: you should be happy about this friendship. You should enjoy it. And it should be good for you.
There is so much more, we should get rid of sometimes: an old t-shirt you haven´t been wearing but you keep it in case you really really need that exact shirt (deep inside you know you won´t!); one of your favorite pens that is empty (Face it! This pen is useless!); a borrowed book you will probably never read anyway (Just give it back!); the habit of studying for an exam a week instead of two months before (Just sit down and learn NOW! You will have do do it anyway!). You´ll probably come up with a couple more things. My point is, you don´t really need as much as you think and not everything we do, say or think is right because it has always felt right. Try to rethink your behavior and needs and see what you can improve.

So this week – I know I already asked you to Be Brave! – try to get rid of something you don´t need anymore. Something you do not want anymore. Maybe even think about the people around you: Who do you really want to spend your time with? Who is good for you? Who cares about you?

Let me know what you were able to let go of in the comments section below!


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