Burger hunting in Düsseldorf

Hello World!

I hope you’re all having a great first day of the week! Monday haters – let me tell you something. I’ve heard so many complaints about Mondays lately. “Hey, how are you?” – “Ugh, well, it’s Monday…” So?! Yes, the weekend is over. Yes, you have to get back to work. Yes, a whole week with probably a lot of work is waiting for us. But let’s be real, it’s not Monday’s fault we feel that way about the first day of the new week. I think this is not fair. Poor Monday! So please don’t blame Monday for your grumpiness! Monday is like New Years! Kind of. Just a little less spectacular. You get to start a new week. No need to wait until the next year for new resolutions!
So, now that the Monday issue is solved, I can start telling you about the actual topic of this post. Which is probably not a big surprise as I am 99% sure you read the headline. So Burgers, huh? If you are a guy or have guy friends or a boyfriend, you know that no man can live without burgers. But guess what, guys! Ladies can´t, either! Burgers are awesome, add some (sweet potato!) fries and home made lemonade and this meal is close to heaven. So my handsome burgerlover and I went to this place called “What´s Beef” (What´s Beef Website) a couple of weeks ago. It was a lazy and sunny Sunday so we walked to this special burger restaurant on Immermannsstraße in Düsseldorf. I had been there with my colleagues before so the place wasn’t completely new to me but I liked it a lot so I decided to show it to my boy. Because he loves burgers. Almost as much as me. Maybe more. Just kidding. So basically all you see when you walk in is red. Red red red, everywhere. Usually, I am not a big fan of red when it comes to interiors, but this place looks fantastic covered in red! A ton of portraits are put up the wall which looks awesome! They are all different but when you look at the wall you can see they´re the same style. I love all the little details which make this place so cool. For example: The home made lemonade is not just served in a normal glass. They serve it in those Ball Mason like jars and you can chose a paper straw with a fun print on it. And on top, they add granny smith apple slices. See, not just boring lemonade! I had a regular burger with sweet potato fries as they offer a special lunch deal for 10-11€. The burger is really good but the fries? Yuuuuuuumm!!! In case you haven´t had dinner yet: Enjoy the pics!








Have a great week and make your Mondays spectacular from now on! Your colleagues will be surprised and jealoussss! 😉


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