Be someone´s hero!

Hey guys!

If we are lucky, we find people who take care of us, who teach us important lessons for life and who make us feel safe. You look up to them, you respect them and sometimes you might feel like they don´t even know how much adore them. It feels like they are happy to be there for you, they do not expect anything in return. You can count on them when you are in trouble or feel down, and you can share things with them that make you happy. They are proud of you and make you feel proud of yourself. They encourage you to do what you might be afraid of and they support you when you don´t feel a 100% sure or when others try to let you down. They help you in tough situations and to get through hard times. They make you smile and feel loved.
Having these kinds of people in your life is a gift you should be grateful for. Doesn’t it feel good to know you are not alone and have somebody to rely on? Who is your hero? Maybe a friend? Your partner? A teacher? When I thought about my personal hero, my dad came to my mind as he has always been there for me and still is, and he supports me no matter what. (Thank you, Paps!)
How do you feel about the idea of being a hero to somebody else? Think about it. Is there anybody around you who might need a special someone? This time I challenge you to be a hero to somebody who could need a little support or just a shoulder to lean on. Let me know who your hero is or whos hero you are going to be!


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