Be an artist!

Hello World!

New week, new challenge! Maybe it´s not even a challenge for you. Maybe you´re being creative every day. I think everybody is creative, just in different ways. No matter if you like painting, taking pictures, drawing or decorating – all of this is creativity. But there is so much more! What about dancing? In my opinion dancing is art. Hip hop, Latin dance or Ballett, it´s an expression of feelings, choreography, working together as a team and let´s not forget about the great costumes dancers wear for their shows. Very impressive! The same is true for singers and musicians, what would we do without them? I can´t imagine a life without music. As you know I am working on contributing to the music scene (whoop whoop, I learned two chords so far: major A and major E! Yay!) but I am thankful for all the other artists out there who share their talent with the world already. If Karl would read this, he would probably be very disappointed I did not mention fashion design yet. Of course, designing clothes, bags and shoes is art as well! Even his sketches are better than my drawings.. Well, different people, different talents. We all have them though! Sometimes it just takes a little bit (or seemingly forever!..) to find out, what this talent really is! Do you know that feeling? My friend Fabiola and I don´t even know yet what our life is or will be all about and sometimes we ask ourselves: What does life even want from us?! It can be confusing, it can be challenging, but in the end we will all figure it out. Take your time, try out different things and see what makes you happy.
The picture I used for this post was taken in NYC and I think it was an elementary school or something we walked by. Anyway, I think this quote is so true as kids are free from doubts and they are not afraid to fail, they just do things. With their fantasy and creativity they inspire me often, their minds are free and careless and it is such a pleasure to watch them play. The older we get, the more things we have to take care of, the more things we think (and worry) about and the more we sometimes forget how important it is to stay true to ourselves. It is great to grow up, to constantly learn, to grow into an independent individual – but while we´re so busy trying to figure out who we want to become we should´t fully forget about the person we used to be.

Have a creative week everybody!

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