A walk in the park

Central Park_Fall

Hey world!

How are you all doing? I hope great! I´m fine but I have just been a little cold lately. No surprise as fall is arriving! The days are getting shorter, leaves start falling and nature shows us it´s prettiest color spectrum. Personally, I really like the fall. You can start drinking all the nice warm beverages like tea or a hot chocolate, and if you´re lucky and the Starbucks around the corner is awesome, then you can even get: Pumpkin spiced chai tea latte – the best!! Then there´s laying on the couch with a big snuggly blanket and watching your favorite show, and going for a walk in the park. The picture in this post was taken in Central Park, New York, and I wish I could be there to enjoy this time of year and take advantage of all the great things the park offers. I haven´t found my favorite fall spot for this year yet, but I´ll keep my eyes open.

What are your favorite things to do or favorite places to go in the fall?
Let me know 🙂

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  1. Finn and I were enjoying a spiced pumpkin latte at our local Starbucks this morning. Both of us were commenting on how much we love the introduction of fall…and Statbucks! It’s true 🙂 we feel ok to support our hometown coffee shop. That is at least what we tell ourselves. It was once yours too Caro! Most importantly, yay fall and pumpkin anything!

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