A day packed with love

Hello everybody!

Today I got to spend my day with people who are truly important to me: I went to say Hi to my mum and then visited my „aunt“ and her family. She is actually my mum´s friend since forever so she´s been in my life forever as well. Before spending the rest of the evening with my better half, I stopped by at my best friend´s place for a little chat. Lisa and I met for the first time the day I was born – she is 6 days older than me – and she has been my closest friend ever since. I found a nice saying the other day that describes perfectly what we have:

„We weren´t sisters by birth, but we knew from the start: Fate brought us together to be sisters by heart.“ – by Unknown

As you probably know, it is not always easy to find the time to meet up with people as much as you´d like to. There is work, university, keeping your home nice and clean, grocery shopping and a million more things to take care of. Sometimes we should redefine our priorities though. Yes, it is a good feeling to be done with laundry or having breakfast in a cleaned up kitchen, but isn´t a good laugh with your best friend or a hug from your mum or dad all you need sometimes? Don´t get stuck on what you „HAVE to do“. It is simple: you do not have to, you chose to. You decide with what or whom you spend your time with and sometimes it´s your habits that keep you from being spontaneous. Seeing my friend was not planned and we decided in the morning to hang out later. You know, I really enjoyed spending time with my people because I have a strong relationship with all of them and was glad we found the time to talk, laugh and just share nice moments together. Next time you´re having a good time with somebody, try to be grateful for it in that same moment. You will see that your level of happiness will rise even more. Don´t take these moments for granted, appreciate them. And then try to figure out how to include more of your happy moments into your (daily) life. Even if it means that you have to wash some more dishes the next day – it´s worth it!
And to the people this post is about: I love you!



4 thoughts on “A day packed with love”

  1. Hi Caro,
    I like your blog very much, your ideas, photos and design. Continue acting like this. I am really proud to be your aunt and part of your life.

    • Hey Daudaut 🙂
      Thank you so much for your feedback! I´ll do my best to keep working on this blog, promise!
      And I am so happy to have you in my life as well!

  2. Huhu Schwesterherz 🙂
    Your blog is really Great!
    Your blog about Amerika has me already really liked.
    Writing for a blog you really have a knack.
    Especially great, i found the article about us x3
    To me you are more than a friend, to me you are a part of my family.
    No matter how often we spend time together, with you i feel like at home.
    We Twitter remain forever inseparable.
    Friendship forever.
    Love with all my heart!
    Much kisses :*
    Dein Lieschen


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